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Dynasty Podcasts Press: Chicagoland Radio & Media, GlitterGuts


Dynasty Podcasts received some nice online press this past week. 

First up, from Chicagoland Radio And Media:

* * Former WKQX-FM/Q101 staffer Jaime Black’s local music podcast, ChicagoVerseUniteD, just finished its 150th show… and its a special one. For this podcast, Jaime Black interviews JBTV’s Jerry Bryant and Ryan Manno at JBTV studios, where they discuss the show’s upcoming national launch on the new NBC Nonstop Network, the show’s longevity and just why JBTV is so special. It can be heard at this link HERE.

Find that podcast below:

Next up is a blog post from the GlitterGuts site, which reads in part:

Jaime Black, definitely one of the hardest working man in Chicago showbiz, has been experimenting with a live version of his ChicagoVerse United podcast, where he sets up at parties and interviews… whoever. The performers, the scenesters, the drunks, and the confused heads who wandered in off the street. Earlier this month, we invited him to be a part of our Dance Punk Circus at The Metro. If you didn’t turn into the live broadcast, he’s put up an abridged version, where he interviews Akira Smith from Perfect Kiss, Maya Sinstress, Mx Yola, and Adam Black from Team Clowntits, Karolina Naumowicz from Young Girl Party, and a very hammered Eric Lab Rat, among others.

Find that podcast below, as well.

Dynasty Podcasts: Dynasty Podcasts Write–Up @ Chicagoland Radio And Media


Dynasty Podcasts received an awesome write-up at Chicagoland Radio And Media today, which reads below.

Jaime Black, who worked at WKQX-FM from 1998 until the station ended in July 2011, most famously as the producer and driving force behind “Local 101,” is finding great success online….

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An important part of the Chicago music media, Jaime Black talks about his popular Dynasty Podcast and his daily Chicago music news site Chicago Verse United. He also talks about working with Chris Payne on Q101/WKQX’s Local 101 show, how it was different from WXRT’s Local Anesthetic, and the Chicago music scene.

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